ZX Spectrum 48K Issue 3B: Bill of Material

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Qty Part Remark Package Components
1 PCB PABB's ZX Spectrum 48 Issue 3B Redrawn
Integrated Circuits
1 ULA 6C001E-6/6C001E-7 RareReplacements: Retroleum Nebula, vRetro vLA82 DIP40 IC1
1 Zilog Z80A MRare4MHz or higher. Replacement: Z84C00 DIP40 IC2
4 74LS157 M DIP16 IC3, IC4, IC25, IC26
1 ROM RareReplacement: 27C128 or 27C256, requires hardware modification DIP28 IC5
8 4116 - 150ns or less RareReplacement: 4164, requires hardware modification DIP16 IC6, IC7, IC8, IC9, IC10, IC11, IC12, IC13
1 LM1889N RareAlternative: SN94459N (rare, not recommended) DIP18 IC14
8 4532 - 200ns or less RareReplacement: 4164. All 4532 must be of same brand and type. DIP16 IC15, IC16, IC17, IC18, IC19, IC20, IC21, IC22
1 74LS32 M DIP14 IC23
1 74LS00 M DIP14 IC24
2 ZTX313 MRareReplacement: BC548C (reverse mounted) TO92 TR1, TR2
2 ZTX313 MRareReplacement: MPS2369 TO92 TR3, TR6
1 ZTX650 MRareReplacement: ZTX651 TO92 TR4
1 ZTX213 MRareReplacement: BC557 (reverse mounted) TO92 TR5
1 ZTX450 MRareReplacement: ZTX651 or BC337 (reverse mounted) TO92 TR7
2 BC184 MReplacement: BC549B TO92 TR8, TR9
12 1N4148 M TH D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D11, D12, D13
1 BA157 M TH D15
1 5V1 Zener M TH D16
2 16pF - 5% MLCC M TH Axial C72, C73
2 33pF - 10% MLCC M TH Axial C37, C38
1 47pF - 10% MLCC M TH Axial C63
2 100pF - 10% MLCC M TH Axial C64, C67
2 150pF - 10% MLCC M TH Axial C52, C53
1 560pF - 10% MLCC M TH Axial C49
2 10nF - 10% MLCC M TH Axial C35, C39
26 47nF - 10% MLCC M TH Axial C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C26, C29, C30, C33, C40, C41, C42, C48, C55, C56, C57, C58, C59, C60, C61, C62, C66, C76
9 100nF - 10% MLCC M TH Axial C31, C32, C43, C68, C69, C70, C71, C75, C77
2 1µF - 50V Electrolytic M TH Axial C27, C46
1 4.7µF - 5V Electrolytic M TH Axial C74
6 22µF - 10V Electrolytic MLeave out C65 if S-Video Mod is used TH Axial C25, C28, C34, C47, C50, C65
2 100µF - 16V Electrolytic M TH Axial C44, C45
1 15Ω - 1W, 5% M TH R34
3 15Ω - 1/4W, 5% M TH R61, R62, R64
1 56Ω - 1/4W, 5% M TH R55
1 68Ω - 1/4W, 5% M TH R60
1 100Ω - 1/4W, 5% M TH R32
1 180Ω - 1/4W, 5% M TH R25
2 220Ω - 1/4W, 5% M TH R70, R71
7 330Ω - 1/4W, 5% M TH R17, R18, R19, R20, R21, R22, R23
1 390Ω - 1/4W, 5% M TH R53
11 470Ω - 1/4W, 5% M TH R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R26, R27, R78
2 680Ω - 1/4W, 5% M TH R33, R36
1 1kΩ - 1/4W, 2% M TH R58
11 1kΩ - 1/4W, 5% M TH R24, R37, R42, R45, R46, R47, R56, R63, R73, R76, R77
1 1.8kΩ - 1/4W, 2% M TH R59
3 2.2kΩ - 1/4W, 5% M TH R48, R51, R52
1 3kΩ - 1/4W, 2% M TH R43
1 4.7kΩ - 1/4W, 5% M TH R50
1 5.1kΩ - 1/4W, 2% M TH R44
8 8.2kΩ - 1/4W, 5% M TH R9, R10, R11, R12, R13, R14, R15, R16
13 10kΩ - 1/4W, 5% M TH R28, R29, R30, R35, R49, R65, R66, R67, R68, R69, R72, R74, R75
1 100kΩ - 1/4W, 5% M TH R54
1 220kΩ - 1/4W, 5% M TH R31
1 14 MHz Crystal HC49 X1
1 4.433619 MHz Crystal M HC49 X2
1 Speaker, 20mW, 40Ω MRare
1 7805 MNot recommended. Replacement: Traco Power TSR1-2450 TO220
1 Heatsink RareOnly if 7805 is used.
1 Coil Rare
2 3.5mm Mono Audio Jack Socket Raree.g. Cliff FCR1281, with one leg clipped off
1 DC Power Socket 5.5mm/2.1mm e.g. Cliff FCR681465P
1 Keyboard Connector 5-pin MRareMolex 5229-05CPB
1 Keyboard Connector 8-pin MRareMolex 5229-08CPB
1 Astek UM1233 Modulator RareAlternatives: Composite Mod, S-Video Mod
4 Wire Jumper
Sockets (optional)
2 Socket, DIP14 M74LS00, 74LS32 DIP14 IC23, IC24
20 Socket, DIP16 MDRAMs, 74LS157 DIP16 IC3, IC4, IC6, IC7, IC8, IC9, IC10, IC11, IC12, IC13, IC15, IC16, IC17, IC18, IC19, IC20, IC21, IC22, IC25, IC26
1 Socket, DIP18 MLM1889N DIP18 IC14
1 Socket, DIP28 MROM DIP28 IC5
2 Socket, DIP40 MCPU, ULA DIP40 IC1, IC2

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